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29th Jun, 2011

c and t

ho hum ho hum

yet more ways to not impress or otherwise get lucky with a girl..

exhibit A: do not get stumbling drunk and get in her face.
and if you do, definitely Do Not try to get her to talk about her sexual preferences with her kid and others going in and out of the kitchen you have cornered her in.

exhibit B: if you have been flirting on and off with a girl for a few YEARS take a few moments to learn her first name, it can only help her take you a little more seriously.

rly. srsly. do i have mad tacky attractant pheromones going or what?

i know a lot of other girls who run into tacky way more than i. but they go to bars,family reunions & frat parties so they sorta expect that shite.


p.s. thank you stalker/lurker? for pointing out my misspelling of 'swinging'. i fixed eet!

17th Nov, 2010

november in mobile


It doesn't interest me what you do for a living.
I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your hearts longing.
It doesn't interest me how old you are.
I want to know if you will risk looking a fool for love,
for your dreams, for the adventure of being alive.
It doesn't interest me what planets are square in your moon.
I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow,
if you have been opened by life's betrayals or have become shriveled and closed down from fear of further pain.
I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving, to hide it, fade it, or fix it.
I want to know if you can be with joy, mine or your own; if you can dance with wildness and let ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, be realistic, or to remember the limitations of being human.
It doesn't interest me if the story you are telling me is true.
I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true yourself;
if you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul. I want to know if you can be faithful and therefore trustworthy.

->Oriah Mountain Dreamer

20th Oct, 2009


i have been shown favor

i got to thinking on the subject of favors,tokens,decorations of orders,shires,baronies and households that are worn by the populace in the sca.
at events i see fencers with just one spiffy token, colour coordinated to their outfit and ones with so many tokens their belt and pants are hidden underneath!
me, i was beyond proud when i was entered into the order of the combatant ram and was happy as a clam to wear just that black and red rams head cloth on my belt. but as i collected up the favors i have received over the years to wear on my belt at coronation i realised all of them came from
a.) ladies
b.) because i was to be their champion/fighter in a tourney.
c.) i'd never received a favor to wear permanent like from a love or a friend?
which chaffs somewhat since i've given out quite a few. yeah,yeah i know one should not give a gift expecting a gift in return. but when one 'asks' to be given the boon of carrying a lover's favor & never receives one,does it means i just don't nag enough? sorry, but i'm a bit proud and feel that if something is not given freely it is not something worth having.
i'd actually decided not to give out favors to adults any longer, and only give favors to the youth fighters from now on. but my last boyfriend *pouted* so i gave in and made him a token. ~surprise!~ no favor did i receive in return again. ya think i would learn by now,eh?
i asked a friend who also has given out favors to her friends and love but has been given no favor herself 'isn't it all awkward like to just stand there when the marshal calls for the fighters to salute the one whose favor they wear?'
she agreed. so we think we need to work on nagging, or maybe pick someone with class to ask for a favor from next time? i'm pretty sure she is gonna get a token from her love soon. he is classy but confused as what to do, she rarely wears a belt. ;-)

23rd Sep, 2009

chain maile twins

~ how to not pick up a girl in one easy step~

do not wear a baseball cap with your viking garb and do the whole smoldering gaze thing.
  ~ it just comes off as creepy stalker guy.

please ask before you go to help carry things that i am already carrying.
 ~  a person likes to feel somewhat capable of carrying a couple of water jugs.

yes i am a chick, yes i am wearing chain maile, yes i have learned that this does it for a lot of people. but if you don't even know my name, how about you ~ask~ before you go to petting the mithral maile?
  ~it hurts much less than what i am going to do to the easiest target of yours: hand,ego or kidney, i promise.


8th Sep, 2009


it has come to my attention

 that in nine years that i have been a single parent i have spent five days separated from my daughter.

and now we are home schooling.      0.o     poor thing i do hope she survives this.


7th Sep, 2009

pepper and sara tereza


 riddle me this, why in the 11 worlds would a fellow even bother to ask the likes of me out *after* going on at length about how odd is was that soph & i dress up & hang out with those medieval people? saying he does not understand what could be fun about swords? when we talked about going canoeing, that he wouldn't go on a boat for money even. that he was happy sittting in his chair looking at the water ?  that he likes to go home from work & watch t.v. every night  when we talk about needing to get to the library this week?

how do you nicely say :  'err, thank you no but i would loath live your life, i'm enjoying mine just fine, thank you?'

 the zydeco song lyric 'i'm hotter than tobasco sauce just being myself, i can't be anybody else!'  is what i'm dancing to right now!

-)--------     ---------(-

1st Sep, 2009


polyamourous? or just polystupididity?

so if someone is in a long distance polyamourous relationship, of some years mind you & their long distance partner does not tell them they have a plane ticket to go visit another person when they had ,oh 4 weeks or so to do so, one of those weeks spent in your company you might just, i don't know, wonder about that persons trust worthyness a bit, yes? and then of course the fact of not telling the person they are visiting about you whatsoever, much less your importance in their life, might uh, ~smart~ a bit, understandable eh?

 but then when 'that' person shows up at a cool as all get out fencing event [30! of us in the tourney! my team came in second! yay! on being the first losers!].... unannounced..... [gee i'm supposed to 'announce' my arrival, wow, that means i'm royal now! woo-hoo! if so where the hell is my punkah boy!? ]
 and proceeds to have fun greeting old friends & making new ones with the knight from her shire who also ditched our kingdom's event to come to this one because it was closer by an hour & a half & was going to have more's all good right? since it is a public place & i'm booked in a group cabin and did not expect to actually see the fellow who had disclosed his relationship A WEEK after his visit to me, because last i heard via facebook wall posts he was stuck at home with a bad alternator in his car.
    so i was pleasantly surprised that he makes it to the event a few hours late but able to compete in the big tourney my team whooped his team in. *grin*
     we were on the field the whole day , wonderful, wonderful moc crew be forever blessed! but were not a couple, flirty as all hell, but then again i flirt with all the cute ones.=-)  later he invites us to go off site to dinner with him & his shire's crew because it turns out they were not staying the night all news to me since we had not been talking, just fencing all day.
 i call him the next morning at his house & get an invite to come up there & go to his fighter practice. which i accept & head up there & have a fine ol time getting beat on by the locals while a 5k race goes on in the park and going out to dinner after wards.
 well it turns out his car is still kaput, his house is a shambles and his friends are looking at him worriedly over the condition of his home.
    i offer to stay & whoop up on his house while he & friends fix the car.  we make plans to get the tools they need to finish the car repair job & his dad is to come over the next day to finish the repairs. the house needs more than 1/2 day so i offer to give up to 2 days to fix it & all seems well in the world. but i get told later that day that he never has gotten around to telling his long distance partner that i'm there?!?
    joy, so now i get to be complicit in his deceit.=-( because he is a stress puppy, & it sounds like she won't take this news calmly & he does not want to face it right now on top of all his other stresses,etc. so putting it off & letting the problem grow bigger is his answer.
   i say it is his choice but, it is also my choice to be purely a house guest & not a bed guest until he faces the music. hey! i know i have no morals but i do have standards ,thankyouverramuch! =-p my other choice for my bleedin honor is to leave right then. but i'm dead beat tired so lazy me stays. 
  well i find that i can't eat the lunch i cooked the next day because the fact that he is making something that is no problem into a something that is going to cause him problems for a long time to come by still not having talked to his partner i go to contact his partner myself . he gets rather shaken by this & asks that he be the one to do that. i agree that would be the best thing for him to do just like i have since he put me in between the rock & hard place! grrr.
 he does. he tells me it is all okay afterwards, but his partner is not happy that he was hiding me again.
*sigh* me? who they hell could think ~i~ could be hidden? i'm drawn in rather bold strokes, i was so unsubtle in my dealings with him that it was other people who i had never even met in person that told her of him coming to visit me not him!? now he asks that i not post to the flickr account that he has photos ~i~ took up, i have to assume because it is because this is the one that he uses to keep her updated on his daily happenings?
 all i got to say is that her friends need to tell her to let him off the leash all the way or go get a bleeding facebook account & check out all of his flickr accounts so she can keep tabs on who he is hanging with to keep his leash on or at least let it be public knowledge that he does have a partner since he has proven twice over to not be real good at the whole open & honest bit. *grumble*grumble*

p.s. i like distance, i like a fluid life, i like being a third in other people's stable relationships,i like the occasional rogue,i like no commitments


27th Aug, 2009

i'm certain i can talk my way out of thi


 long morning, turning into a longer day.
   i was outside burying a dead hen when sophia discovered the bunny hutch door ripped open.
   we went on a search until we found the second clump of fur and i had to tell her that the bunny could not have survived missing that much skin. soph still held to a chance that her bun-bun, could still be alive out there somewhere in the woods. we spent some time searching about as the sweat poured down talking about,lies ,truth, arteries vs. veins,the inadvisability of getting another bunny, city laws vs. rural laws for animal control [it was prolly the neighbors dog that wreaked the havoc] the 3 branches of government, who makes whole country laws and who makes local laws, how laws are for children and grown ups who refuse to act like grown ups . i was bushed by the time we got to work. =-p ~late
 at work there were messages from the realtor that we had an actual contract offer on the house in memphis. they did not go for my counter offer, it is a seriously low ball offer, less than half of what houses are going for in that area.? *sigh*
but an uninhabited house next to highland ave. is not a good idea & since i can find no one who wants to live there & fix it up instead of paying rent i guess i'm going to have to take it?
 then my bisque supplier called & said 'your credit card was declined' errr? so off to the bank i go to find the trouble. turns out brand spanking new teller removed my $ as requested yesterday, but she did it  from the wrong account? ahh gee thanks!? it looks like nothing was messed up other than my glaze order which will not be shipped out until tomorrow now. & the nice people at the bank gave me grape gum.
i'm still groggified from staying up so late last night so everything is taking longer than it should.=-p
well the kiln is  cooled enough to open now so i'm going to ignore any further slings & arrows sent my way as i take care of business, 'k?thnxsbye!


26th Aug, 2009


night life on the farm

 sissy dog brought home jack dog from up the road yesterday morning.
then she brought me a very dead possum when i drove up to the gate after work.
and this morning she & jack stayed on the other side of the gate and barked very threateningly at all the cows meandering up and down the road. i'm happy she did not try to bring me one of the calves.=-)

jack dog

sissy dog & her prize.

ever alert!

hey! you try to take a pic while cows go unexpectedly galumphing by!

25th Aug, 2009

i'm certain i can talk my way out of thi


i don't think i've posted about work here at all this year? *geesh* livejournal is for whinging & facebook is for happy thoughts? am i turning into a compartmentaliser??? *facepalm* not enough *headbutts wall* ahh, better.
  i quit l.t. after 11 years & one month employ there & bought a paint your own pottery studio. life has slowed in some areas & gotten mighty compressed in others.
balance, it is such work.
 today is yet another s l o w day in august now that the kids have all gone to school. it was fully expected but still scary to be living in person. painting, teaching others to paint, getting to spend so much time with my daughter again, firing up the big kiln and opening it up to see the treasures inside have all been so rewarding. that alone has been worth risking my home-financial security for.
 but n a slow day like today, i just wish that every lookie -loo & the salespeople! had to pay to get in,lol!
 i put up a terrif 'no soliciting ' sign,  but so far only one solicitor has read it & gone boggle eyed. *sigh* for literacy in mississippi.
How many

Signs do you need to read…
…before you realize that
We don’t want your phone service, your water service, your
framed artwork, your coupon books, your internet service,
your copiers, your fax machines, your office supplies, or
anything you are trying to sell. Cya.
well back to glazing


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